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One of the main SportFlashback’s production lines is innovative, unprecedented 3-dimentional visualisation of sport events on websites. Such means of sport visualisation as 3D interactive Virtual Replays applications, video clips and still images appear on pages of the world’s leading web media. Products and services we provide for the web include 3D visualisation, development and delivery of software, and technical support.

Visualisation of sports events is created with the use of a large library of in-house 3D models of all sorts of sports venues, protagonists (players, athletes, horses etc) and equipment, textures that recreate the natural appearance and atmosphere, and thousands of animations. All these assembled together recreate the incident as it was in the real event. This 3D scene can be then converted into a virtual replay or rendered into a video. The scene can be enriched with special effects.

To be played and operated by the user on the customer’s website special software is developed by SportFlashback. We create an interactive interface with playback controls, navigation controls and a choice of cameras. We also design the application according to the style of the customer’s website and translate it into any language. An administration module allows the customer to easily upload and manage new content and upload advertising material to the specially designed spaces.

SportFlashback renders all technical support services and approaches each customer individually. We provide assistance in installation of the application on the server, integration of the product into the website, testing and maintaining smooth functioning.

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