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Virtual Replays Commentator

Virtual Replay Commentator is a web application specially developed for sports journalists, commentators, analysts, web editors and just sports fans enabling them to add graphics and commentaries to a Virtual Replay of a sport incident prior to publishing it on the website.

VR Commentator may be presented, according to the nature and policy of the site, in two versions:

  • VR Commentator for the Webmaster – enables the site officials to add graphics and commentaries to the VR and publish it on the site with these additional explanations for the end-user
  • VR Commentator for the site Visitor – enables the site visitors to add graphics and commentaries to the VR published on the site and save it for other visitors to be able to view it

VR Commentator is a convenient and easy-to use tool enabling sports experts and fans to comment on the incident, textually explain and graphically illustrate the advantage or disadvantage of a particular scheme, a mistake made by a player, a tricky situation on the field, some tactical possibilities and whatever ideas they have.

The principle is very simple: the application is installed on the client’s server, SportFlashback creates a virtual replay according to the agreed terms and delivers it to the client who can then add commentaries to the VR and publish it on their site.

The whole application consists of two modules:

  • VR Editor - the module for adding graphics, pauses and commentaries to the VR
  • VR Player - the module that is published on the site for viewing the VR

The VR Editor consists of a 3D area surrounded by the interface with the timeline and tool panel for editing the VR and offers the tool panel for implementing the following features in 3D at certain points in the animation and for certain duration:

  • Highlight player
  • Show player’s track
  • Show player’s name
  • Arrows of different types and colours
  • Highlighted area on the pitch (quadrangle and circle, variety of colours and fill transparency available)
  • Goalkeeper’s coverage zone
  • Off-side line
  • Text that appears in 3D
  • Pause with text commentary
  • Change camera
  • Change animation speed
  • Unselect – cancels all selected options

As soon as a feature is opted the corresponding timeline appears at the bottom part of the interface. For all the above features the user can set the start point and the end point and set/change the duration.

The user can replay the animation and adjust the timing/synchronization at any time.

Once the edited VR has been saved it can be published and viewed in the VR Player on the website.