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Virtual Replays

Imagine a replayed goal shown from two or three cameras on a television broadcast of a football match immediately after it happens. A Virtual Replay is a 3D animated sequence of action in a sporting contest published on a web site a few hours after the event concluded. By the instrumentality of an interactive user interface Virtual Replays provide multiple points of view including players’ perspectives, tools for operating virtual cameras and a great number of graphic elements and effects to highlight certain areas or protagonists.

What is really important for web resource owners is that production of Virtual Replays does not include any automated video processing and Virtual Replays do not contain any piece of video or photo materials which might be under a third party’s copyright. SportFlashback team of VR creators manually reconstruct the scene using in-house built 3D models of stadia, players and equipment, libraries of animations and textures, and additional graphics.

Virtual Replays application interface is designed by SportFlashback but can be easily adapted to any site style and language.

Virtual Replays have the following indisputable advantages:

  • Unlike TV broadcast Virtual Replays can be reviewed by the end user at any time and unlimited number of times
  • Virtual Replays represent incidents with high precision
  • The user can choose various cameras and view the incident from any angle or from players’ points of view
  • 3D enables the user to see the whole theatre and not only the view provided by TV
  • Lifelikeness is achieved with the help of large libraries of animations and textures presenting players’ gear and uniforms, skin colour, hair colour and even hair styles
  • Interactivity enables the end user to actually operate the Virtual Replay – choose cameras and views, zoom in and out and playback at different speeds
  • Virtual Replays are supplied with additional graphics such as player and ball tracks, offside line (when applicable), various arrows indicating trajectories, directions, distance and speed, goalkeeper’s coverage area, players’ names and numbers, and graphics highlighting certain areas and players

We produce virtual replays for such sports as football, baseball, field hockey, ice hockey, rugby, American football