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Video Clips

SportFlashback produces 3D animated video clips demonstrating incidents in sport events for TV, websites and mobile devices. These clips represent dramatic actions on sport arenas with a very high precision and from unwonted angles. All players’ tracks are laid manually and the library of in-house animations used in videos is constantly being expanded. Videos can also have the full set of illustrative graphics and can be enhanced with additional optional features on customer’s request.

Regular video clips

Regular videos include the following features:

  • Opening animated inset introducing the tournament, event, date, participants/opponents, score, incident, author etc (on customer’s request)
  • Advanced animation of key players – key players’ are animated with the use of a greater number of animations from the library which allows showing their movements with very high precision
  • Advanced tracking of background players – all players’ tracks are laid manually which allows representing the whole incident with maximum precision
  • Views from 3 standard cameras out of 10 available
  • Any of standard special effects available

On customer’s request extra optional features can be presented in the clip. These features enhance the video for the analytical purposes, however, increase production time and costs. The following optional features are available:

  • Views from more than 3 out of 10 available cameras
  • Manual laying of bespoke cameras according to a scenario provided by the customer
  • Insertion of pauses in the clip with addition of special effects for analysis of the situation
  • Insertion of extra information: player names and numbers, distances between players and objects etc
  • Insertion of highlighted areas on the pitch in any form or shape
  • Slow motion - some parts of the video can be shown in slow motion such as half speed.

Videos with special effects

One of the innovative solutions in production of videos of sporting events we provide is a combined interchangeable real video and 3D animation smoothly transiting one into the other, with graphics and other special effects added to either of the components. This type of a video clip is meant for TV broadcasts or publication on web sites. This is an enhanced version of a 3D animated clip as it includes interchange of pieces of a real video with custom-made 3D animation.

Such clips are produced with correction for distortion of cameras which allows creating the scene with the highest precision. The interchange of real and 3D videos illustrates how well the position of players and their movements in 3D coincide with the real scene.

Graphics and special effects can be added to the scene both in the real video and 3D animation.

Mobile video clips

We also produce 3D animated video clips of incidents in a sport event for downloading and viewing on mobile devices. These clips are destined for sport fans that are keen on various mobile features. Their favourite episodes can be available at all times without having to connect to the Internet.

So far the greatest consumers’ demand has been focused on football; however, videos of other sport events can be produced on request.

Mobile clips include the following features:

  • Opening animated inset introducing the tournament, event, date, participants/opponents, teams’ emblems, score, incident, author etc
  • Manual animation of key players reconstructs the movements and actions of players with high precision
  • Automated animation of background players allows showing basic movements of players and thus decreasing the production time
  • Views from 3 standard cameras out of 10 available
  • Special effects and graphics predefined by the customer

The incident in the video is normally replayed three times from different angles. Each clip represents the whole incident; however, maximum precision of actions is given to the key players. Animation of background players is automated which makes the production of the clip rather quick. These clips are produced in the formats suitable for various mobile devices.