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Rugby Football

Both rugby union and rugby league have been given a thorough coverage with 3-dimentional videos and virtual replays. This is where the popularity of this sport, the desire of the game news and information media to enhance their web sites with innovative means of sport presentation, and SportFlashback’s technical and artistic finesse find the common ground.

The best South African rugby coverage provider SARugby.com and SportFlashback indulged the fans of the game with virtual replays of the best tries in all matches in the Super Rugby (then Super 14) – the largest rugby union competition in the southern hemisphere – in 2007. Magnificent tries performed by teams from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand were presented in 3D and could be viewed from players perspectives, a variety of preset cameras and with supplementary graphics.

A series of virtual replays of the best tries in 2007 World Cup in France were produced for the French MyFreeSport web site and for the winning side SARugby.

MyFreeSport also commissioned virtual replays from All Blacks matches (New Zealand) that were published on the Adidas web site.

For the Australian branch of Fox Sport SportFlashback produced 2 videos per round in the National Rugby League’s 2009-10 season, continuing in 2010-2011 season. One-minute-long 3D analytic videos illustrate key actions with various effects such as changing the viewing angle and closing up in a freeze-frame and extra graphics.