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Print Media

Along with animated visual presentation of sport events SportFlashback creates stunning photographic quality 3-dimentional rendered still images for use in traditional print media such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, posters and leaflets. 

Created with exquisite graphical art work, in any size and format required, with high resolution and quality, our designs meet all printers’ technical requirements. Customers just tell us what they want to have, and we provide the design that can go directly to the printers.

Images for sports analytic purposes, supplemented with various graphical elements, have been appearing on pages of leading sports dedicated newspapers and magazines.

For advertising purposes, exhibitions and other means of publicity, a catchy montage with 3D images can be of good credit. A lot of picturesque custom-made 3D graphic-based posters, brochures and leaflets produced by SportFlashback have been seen at shows and exhibitions around the world.