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One of the oldest sports that has been practised for millennia world-wide is now represented in 3D in some of our products. Initial approach was made by France Galop who ordered an off-line computer game that was installed at one of the French hippodromes. The game proved to be very popular with both kids and adults so we developed an extended web application and rendered 3D video representation of some particular races.

The game represented four most famous races in France – Grand Prix de Diane, Grand Steeple-chase de Paris, Prix du Jockey Club and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. To visualise this equestrian sport in 3D we created four different models of hippodromes, horses, jockeys and a brand new library of animations that reproduce gallop, slow pace, jumping obstacles, all possible movements of horses and jockeys.

All types of visualisation provide a great number of clickable sponsors’ advertisements in various areas round the hippodrome and racecourse, and dynamically appearing in pop-ups or bubbles.

The animation very closely achieves lifelikeness of real horseracing and provides a view from a number of virtual cameras scattered all over the race track, aerial view and jockeys’ perspectives. The presence effect is achieved by the accompanying sound of hoof clatter and cheering crowd, dynamically nearing or receding as the user changes cameras.