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One of the proposals is related to visualisation of Formula 1 races. This can be presented in a number of modes:

  • TV view mode with the difference that the user is able to be the virtual camera operator and choose the view between the general shot, aerial view, cameras set on the car and a lot more options. The demo video illustrates the look of a 3D race; right click provides options to change view points, speed etc.
  • Analysis mode allows comparing various drivers’ performances, particular driver’s current lap and their best laps, distances between cars and other analytical features.
  • Special features mode demonstrates dynamic fluctuations in longitudinal and centrifugal acceleration and deceleration, g-forces, drivers’ factors such as blood pressure and pulse, diagrams showing drivers’ gas and brake pedals use, all changing in dynamics.
  • Visualisation of statistical data regarding the performance of particular drivers in other races.

3D visualisation of Formula 1 races can be a great tool for analysis on live or post-race TV or web reportages as well as in a form of analytical videos with lots of special effects and graphics.