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Association Football

Football is the sport that has been most widely covered by all types of 3D products. There is hardly a competition that has not seen its 3D representation as virtual replays, still images or videos on web sites, television and mobile phones. Thousands of virtual replays have been made for a number of European leagues, championships in Africa, Australia and Americas, UEFA Champions League and Euro Cups, and FIFA World Cups.

Since 2004, when SportFlashback introduced 3-dimensional virtual replays to the first client - BBC Sport, the demand for 3D visualisation of sport events has grown immensely. The quality and variety of products have been constantly on the increase. Visualisation has been presented in various forms and for a number of purposes.

To name a few, amongst the customers who have used and are using various 3D visualisation products for coverage and analysis of football are the BBC, Euro Sport, Sky Sports, Fox Sport, TV5Monde, UMBRO, GrassrootsCoaching, English Premier League, Bundesliga and many more national leagues, individual football clubs and web and TV media.

Virtual replays, all sorts of video and still image production covered World Cups 2006 and 2010, Euro Cup 2008, Champions League and UEFA Cups since 2004 and many more other competitions. See virtual replays on our demo page.