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Tactical Football Quiz for UMBRO Campus

One of the services in realisation of certain technical solutions requested by customers is development and implementation of custom games and quizzes dedicated to various sporting events. One of such products is a football tactical quiz for UMBRO Campus community. The nontrivial project included development of an interactive application consisting of a user interface and a number of 3D animated tactical plays with graphics illustrating possible solutions, and integration of this application into the system of other functionalities presented in the community.

The interface offers interactive tools for selecting series of questions and multiple-choice answers and provides explanations on the right and wrong decisions. 3D scenes represent tactical pieces on the pitch corresponding to the questions and graphically explain the situation. As the answer is chosen the scene resumes playing on to unfold the correct sequence of actions. The 3D tactical plays were created with the use of our in-house models and animations according to the scenario provided by the customer.

The quiz appeared on the French UMBRO web site in the members’ section of football campus community. The 3D football tactics application implemented by SportFlashback was an excellent enhancement to the resource and was highly praised by the customer.

Footballeros FC Website

One of the SportFlashback initiatives to combine 3D visualisation of football and fun was realised in creation of the website of a non-existent, virtual football club Footballeros. The club does not belong to any country or league. The dubious personality of the president and owner, who pays a lot of money to buy good players and even sponsors to make a “decent” club, stays in the shade and makes vainglorious announcements through his press attachés.

Footballeros come from different countries and diverse backgrounds. Some of them may have a remote resemblance to certain real football celebrities. So far a trio of a promising goalie, a tough forward and a good-natured but staunch defender, waiting for more teammates to complete the squad, and having no other teams to compete with, live a life of football stars, appear on analytical talk shows, speculate about the world football, film their masterclasses and share their experiences. Having little to do on their club campus, occasionally doing time in the club's “disciplinary block” for unrevealed offences, but being eager to find a deserved place in a worthy league, Footballeros decide to gain experience through the EURO Cup 2008.

In their joint training sessions with another virtual club of quite obscure nature they imitate the most outstanding incidents that occurred in the cup matches. Filmed and published on the site dozens of 3D virtual replays of real Euro 2008 events performed by these comic characters were also available in smaller formats for downloading to mobile devices in European countries during the championship.

3D spectacularly animated videos and lots of fun about Footballeros club life is on their official website.

Fun Game "Inside The Race"

France Galop, the governing body of flat and steeplechase racing in France, in order to popularise this equestrian sport amongst youth, ordered a computer game presenting 3D animations of four most famous races in France - Grand Prix de Diane, Grand Steeple-chase de Paris, Prix du Jockey Club and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. The idea is to attract new public to horse races, with modern and innovative animations present an advantageous image of the sport, usually classified as classical, old and rural, and provide elements of education and lots of fun for children.

The game is realised on one computer with two monitors for two players and is operated via gamepads. SportFlashback technical team developed the software for multiuser system and gamepad support, and 3D scene creators produced models of hippodromes and racetracks, horses and jockeys in all colourful jerseys, made animations, and created the whole sequences of the four races.

The players choose one of the four racecourses and then choose the horse-jockey. While making their decision they are able to view the information about each horse and each jockey that participate in this race. Apart from the text information they can view a slowly spinning 3D model of the horse and its rider.

As soon as the choices are made the race starts. The horses shoot out of the start gates and the players can view their own performance and the whole race choosing any of the preset cameras – TV view, aerial view, first and third person’s perspectives. Both players also see the view their opponent has chosen in a smaller window on their screen. The whole race is accompanied by high quality sound effect representing hooves clattering, horses’ neigh, public cheering, dynamically fading out or getting louder depending on the view the player chooses.

Educational Football Quiz

Another football quiz application was developed as a pilot educational project for schools. This mobile application was developed for iPhone in co-operation with our partner NordWestSoft. The quiz is meant to stimulate students to better learn the skills they practice in PE lessons. The pilot quiz, devoted to improvement of the technique of short passing in football, represents a 3D animated drill with step-by-step descriptions of each movement and a set of questions regarding this skill the pupils have to answer. The 3D video can be reviewed at any time while the quiz is being done.

Each question is also accompanied by a 3D still image as a hint, illustrating the element in question. Thus, the visual explanation helps the students to better remember what they are suppose to learn and then apply to practice.

The application has a soccer oriented design with buttons presented as a football and boots. The functionality allows the quiz taker to skip from one question to another, answer them in any order, view the hint images and review the video. If the answer is wrong the quizzee has a second attempt but with a lesser number of points. The summary displaying all right and wrong answers and the number of points is also available at any stage. When the quiz is completed the result is submitted to the server where the teacher then can see all results.

This quiz application was developed for football skills with the further perspective to be used in other curriculum subjects.