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Specially developed to be launched by the 2006-07 Ashes series in Australia a webcasting application, published on the biggest cricket-dedicated site Cricinfo, served as a great visual enhancement for the coverage of all significant matches for three following years. The application enabled cricket fans unable to watch the ongoing match on TV but who are online on the Internet to see exactly what’s going on at the ground with only a small time lag of about 1 minute. With this short delay as the ball was played in the real match it was recreated on the user’s computer in 3D.

The animation provides for every type of bowling, every type of shot, every method of dismissal, every umpire’s signal. It shows the batsmen’s runs, fall of wickets, appeals and celebrations. The application is designed to visualise Test matches, ODIs and Twenty20 matches. Although the precision of visualisation of details, when compared to the TV broadcast, may not be as high, the webcast definitely has a number of advantages.

With this unique visualisation implement Cricinfo covered all international Test matches, ODIs and Twenty20 matches in the World Championships, Ashes series, Indian Premier League and other significant series and tournaments.

Along with webcasting coverage SportFlashback produced virtual replays of the most memorable balls from each play day of each Test match of the 2006-07 Ashes series which were published daily on Cricinfo site.