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3D Drill Viewer

SportFlashback renders services in realisation of certain technical solutions requested by customers. The greatest football coaching resource GrassrootsCoaching provides more than 300 3D animated football drills created with the use of large inventories of models and animations provided by SportFlashback, who also realised technical implementation of the interactive 3D Drill Viewer.

A 3D animated coaching or skill drill is a great visual educational material for coaches and players. A scene is assembled of a number of animations and reproduces all relevant movements and actions that players will have to practise in training. The backend interface allows setting pauses at certain moments in the drill and adding texts that will appear in 3D. If necessary, certain graphical elements can be added to draw special attention to certain areas or players.

An interactive 3D Drill Viewer provides playback controls such as speed of playback, navigation buttons, a choice of cameras, players’ perspectives, zoom. Also the drill viewer interface displays corresponding coaching key factors, organisation and description of the drill.

Apart from the main 3D Drill Viewer demonstrating the drills on the GrassrootsCoaching website, it has a number of modifications. These include a version that allows certain scenes to be integrated into the drill viewer. This version was developed for a potential licensed 3rd party client. The scenes may include drills or 3D animated representation of real goals scored in some particular football matches.

The scenes can be chosen and loaded directly from the list on the interface of the viewer. A complete description of the scene or some historic facts can be shown on the interface panel and in the 3D window. This version also supports changing 3D models of training grounds or stadiums depending on the character of the scene – a training session or a historic goal.

A backend interface allows uploading various types of advertisement to be displayed in the specially designed ad spaces inside 3D: “pitch carpets”, rotating advertisements on the perimeter hoardings and big screens in the stands.

The version with integrated 3D scenes served as a drill viewer in the Training Ground section of the official UEFA website.


Another service in realisation of certain technical solutions requested by customers is an innovative and easy-to-use all-in-one tool designed specially to meet the needs of football coaches – Coaches’ Chalkboard – the idea and intellectual property of a long-standing partner GrassrootsCoaching, technically developed and implemented by SportFlashback.

Coaches’ Chalkboard enables football coaches and mentors to create their own coaching drills, football tactics, set pieces and formations, and effectively plan and structure their training sessions. It also allows coaches to print out their sessions and bring them to a match or training to show the players their roles and responsibilities. Chalkboard also enables coaches to share their sessions online with other coaches and players and search for other coaches’ sessions by certain categories.

For efficient organising training sessions and coaching drills Chalkboard provides all necessary tools: a variety of training areas with and without players, kit colours, balls, cones, poles, ladders, flags and goals of different sizes and colours.

The coach can also highlight certain areas on the pitch and add text commentaries in boxes of various shapes, colours and using different fonts. To assign various roles to particular players there is a facility for giving players names and numbers, distinguishing between girls and boys and setting their ethnicity.

For preparing set pieces and tactics for a match Chalkboard enables coaches to organise their squads and teams, set formations and drag the whole team (and an opposing team) to the pitch in one go. No matter whether it is an eleven-a-side or a small-sided game all players on the squad are always at hand.

With just one click the coach can duplicate the current session to carry on with the progression and switch between sessions and progressions in no time as they can have up to 6 sessions open at a time. Each session can be accompanied with coaching notes and commentaries.

Along with coaching tools Chalkboard provides all necessary editing instruments allowing the user to undo/redo, copy/paste/delete objects, and facilities for saving and managing session in groups and folders, making sessions searchable by certain categories and accessible for other coaches.