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Anyone who is into this game will find 3D animated basketball as exciting and stirring as a TV broadcast or a camera shot video. The principal difference is, once the tracks of the players and the ball are laid, a number of virtual cameras can be set to provide all-embracing views. With an interactive interface the viewer can select a camera and use navigation buttons to “wander” around the court and even virtually participate in the game when choosing any player’s perspective.

Compared to other 3D developers SportFlashback creators never neglect detailing and, on the contrary, pursue the most realistic visualisation. The promotional video demonstrates how close to reality 3-dimensional animation can reach. At times it is difficult to tell whether it is a real video or animated dummies. Such effects as the background audience gliding behind the transparent backboard, the counting down clock, chaotically rotating ball, quivering net – all are integral parts of the quality product.

Basketball 3D animated videos or virtual replays can be of great use for detailed analysis of a play, tactics and strategies employed by some particular teams or players. They can also enrich the web site’s picturesque collection of the most beautiful shoots performed by famous basketball stars.