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All types of visualisation of sports by SportFlashback are made with maximum precision in every detail from the whole stadium to petty elements of players’ gear and from a barely perceptible body movement to the harmonious motion of a team multitude.

A 3D video clip of a typical play in baseball reconstructs the whole sequence of actions – the pitch, the swing and hit, the run, and the safe advance to the first base. It also depicts some trifles that in the end recreate lifelike resemblance to a real video footage: 3D figures imitate subtle gestures and body adjustments while the catcher squats, the pitcher prepars to pitch or the batter to swing, the umpires signal “play ball” and “safe” etc. All these little nuances make the 3D animation a realistic and full-fledged scene.

3D animation can be used as a very effective and efficient analytical tool in the game of baseball as well as the means of attraction of the new audiences. Supplied with an interactive interface it enables the user to select the most convenient camera, change or adjust an angle, zoom in on a particular player or part of the diamond, see the scene from players’ points of view and review the scene as many times as they wish.

Plays that may be of a particular interest to the audience can be produced as virtual replays. Entertaining or analytical videos with some explanatory graphics can be used both by TV and web commentators. Following the successful experience of cricket online webcasting baseball can be delivered to site haunters in a play-by-play mode as the real match goes.