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American Football

American football has been presented to the fans of this sport in a form of 3D virtual replays and analytic videos.

Virtual replays off all the New England Patriots’ games in the 2007-08 NFL season were requested by the local media Boston.com. As with virtual replays in other sports an interactive interface enables the viewer to change cameras, angles, choose players’ perspectives and switch on some explanatory graphics.

3D visualisations of American football were also commissioned by two US mass media leaders – The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Starting with sixteen 3D animated video clips illustrating the distinctive features typical for each of the 16 NFL teams coming out to the playoffs in 2008-09 season for The New York Times, the project continued with the production of a series of similar animated videos specifying tactical plays of all Washington Redskins’ matches in the 2009-2010 and 2010-11 seasons for The Washington Post.

Both projects included analytic videos that showed a characteristic play from three different angles – a general view from a TV camera, an aerial view and a key player’s perspective.

The videos for The New York Times were used as a tool for explaining tactics, stratagems and feints performed by the teams playing in NFL playoffs. The videos were published on the site with extra graphics applied to the videos by sports analysts.

The Washington Post has been ordering analytic videos of some characteristic plays performed by Redskins which are published on the site prior to a game. In this way their analysts illustrate the tactics the team use when playing one or another opponent and are likely to employ in the oncoming match.