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Virtual Replays for Girondins

SportFlashback continues production of Virtual Replays for the French Ligue 1. Started earlier in the year 2009 with Olympique Lyonnais in Ligue 1, the project extends in its popularity. The new client - Girondins de Bordeaux, publish on their website Virtual Replays of all goals and the best moments in Girondins matches in Ligue 1, Champions League, Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue.

Virtual Replays for Television

VR TV is a perfect tool designed for TV journalists to broadcast Virtual Replays of various sport events on television.

VR TV concept provides a wide range of opportunities such as a possibility to broadcast Virtual Replays, add extra visual elements directly to the pitch during the broadcasting, reproduce Virtual Replays at different speeds, review the scenes from different angles and distance.

The updated version of VR TV application is realised on a 3D engine GESA (Graphics Environment for Scripted Applications) that provides a much wider range of visually rich facilities. 

The customised interface for the journalist to comment on the Virtual Replay in the studio and actually operate the application in the live broadcasting has more facilities and is more user-friendly.

SportFlashback has created demo video showing most of the functionality and the visual effects of the application. For more detailed description see VRTV page.

Videos for TV5 Monde

The famous global television network TV5 Monde, broadcasting several channels of French language programming, becomes our customer. TV5 Monde orders videos of some spectacular goals scored in matches of League 1, France.

We produce 3D graphical video clips reconstructing the goal scene, showing the whole situation from various cameras including player’s point of view, and with additional graphics for the TV commentator to explain the goal scenario.

The clips are broadcast on TV5 Monde football dedicated programme “foot!” and have received a praising response. TV5 Monde has the rights to broadcast videos of League 1 matches, however, the channel requests 3D computer graphics as these clips have a definite advantage over ordinary videos. A short high quality film demonstrates the incident from all favourable positions and at different speeds. Highlight and names of the key players, ball and player tracks as well as arrows demonstrating the direction of a kick, pass or shot help the viewer to predict the line of the situation development and the analyst in the TV studio to comment on the episode.

New Drill Viewer for GrassrootsCoaching

SportFlashback has developed a new 3D Drill Viewer for and to the design provided by the partner GrassrootsCoaching. Now the most popular with the GrassrootsCoaching members hundreds of 3D animated drills visually explaining various tactical and technical skills can be viewed with the new, customised and improved viewer. The new application now presents drills on a new training ground and has a facility for inserting different pitches, grounds or stadiums.

It also has a lot of advertising areas which gives it a better commercial opportunity, and other valuable advantages. GrassrootsCoaching constantly increases the output of visualised coaching resources and has produced a new group of skill drills that focus on developing and improving various player skills. These visualisations require a higher quality and precision of player movements and SportFlashback helped to enrich the GrassrootsCoaching library of drills with new, more advanced animations.

Champions League

In September 2008 SportFlashback starts the production of Virtual Replays of all goals and the most spectacular events in all Champions League matches in 2008-2009 season. Amongst our clients are Sky Sports (UK), Footballfan (Belgium) and MyFreeSport (France).

Our customers express positive feelings generated by their websites visitors showing a very keen interest in the Virtual Replays section. They keep receiving a lot of enthusiastic feedback and record a great increase in traffic.

SportFlashback Products In Australia

SportFlashbackproducts find a new client in Australia. Fox Sports receive3D animated videos of football matches based on virtual replays weekly. The videos present the best plays in A-League matches and are shown on Australian Fox Sports television channel.

Images For EuroSoccer

One of the production lines of SportFlashback along with animated visualisation of sports events is production of custom-made high resolution still images rendered out of a 3D scene. These images are supplemented with special graphical elements and are used as a great enhancement to standard photographic visualisation of sports.

During the EURO Cup 2008 we produced images of some dramatic events for the football-dedicated web magazine EuroSoccer. This magazine remains our customer and the images of the most spectacular goals and other incidents in English Premier League matches and other European leagues produced by SportFlashback appear on its pages on a regular basis.

3D Football Tactics Quiz for UMBRO Campus

The French branch of the world-wide famous sports wear producer UMBRO organised the first virtual football training centre on their website. To get points and receive awards trainees take various courses and do some quizzes. In the Tactics Centre of the UMBRO Campus one has to answer the questions in the football tactics quiz presented as an interactive application with football match situations visualised in 3D. The 3D animations and the software for this application were developed by SportFlashback.

Drill Viewer for UEFA Official Website

GrassrootsCoaching, the company we have been working in close partnership with for many years comes to an agreement with UEFA to publish some of the coaching animated material in the Training Ground section of the UEFA official website. One of the most popular GrassrootsCoaching products – 3D animated 3D football coaching and skill drills, widely presented on their website in the members’ area, now find a bigger, responsive audience on UEFA coaching resource. A number of animated 3D advanced drills with coaching descriptions, updated on a monthly basis, are available for viewing on UEFA Training Ground page with the drill viewer developed especially for this purpose by SportFlashback.

Footballeros Football Club

One of the SportFlashback initiatives to combine 3D visualisation of football and fun was realised in creation of the website of a non-existent, virtual football club Footballeros. The club does not belong to any country or league. The dubious personality of the president and owner, who pays a lot of money to buy good players and even sponsors to make a “decent” club, stays in the shade and makes vainglorious announcements through his press attachés.

Footballeros come from different countries and diverse backgrounds. Some of them may have a remote resemblance to certain real football celebrities. So far a trio of a promising goalie, a tough forward and a good-natured but staunch defender, waiting for more teammates to complete the squad, and having no other teams to compete with, live a life of football stars, appear on analytical talk shows, speculate about the world football and film their masterclasses. Having little to do on their club campus, occasionally doing time in the club's “disciplinary block” for unrevealed offences, but being eager to find a deserved place in a worthy league, Footballeros decide to gain experience through the EURO Cup 2008. In their training sessions they imitate the most outstanding incidents that occurred in the cup matches. Filmed and published on the site dozens of 3D virtual replays of real Euro 2008 events performed by these comic characters are also available in smaller formats for downloading to mobile devices in European countries during the championship.

3D spectacularly animated videos and lots of fun about Footballeros club life is on their official website.

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