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UEFA Euro Cup 2012

The greatest sport event of the year 2012 UEFA Euro Cup is presented by SportFlashback in a new way.

All goals of the championship from group tournaments to the final can be viewed with the application of the next generation.

The 3D animated virtual replays of the goals are presented as an interactive streaming video. With the Flash or HTML5 technologies these videos can be viewed both on the websites and mobile devices. No extra plug-ins or accessories are to be installed – just click and view.

The application offers the whole schedule of the championship and all goals with the brief information on the scorer and the time of the event in the match. The animation is repeated automatically from different angles allowing the user to switch between cameras or players’ points of view at any time.

Ancient Olympic Arts

Following the experience in visualisation of a number of traditional modern sports we venture the production of animated 3D Ancient Greek Olympic sport events and associated traditions. The Classics Department of The Open University, in collaboration with some other UK universities, the BBC, the British Museum and the London 2012 Organising Committee, commissioned a series of 10 animations based on the ancient games. 

The animations recreate such events as boxing, wrestling, quadriga, discus and javelin throw, long jump and racing, as well as traditional ceremonies of awarding victors and feasts. All videos are enhanced with sound effects and ancient Greek music.

The animations can be seen on the Open University website:

Training, equestrian events, pentathlon, hoplitodromos, boxing, procession, sacrifice and banquet.

"I just wanted to put in writing how happy we all are with the quality of the animations. They're really terrific!"

"Thank you very much for the animations. They all look great -- I am extremely happy with the result."

5,000th Virtual Replay

We are proud to announce the release of a long awaited 5,000th virtual replay. Since 2002, when the idea originated, and then 2004, when the first virtual replays recreated goals scored in UEFA Euro Cup matches in 3D for millions of football fans on BBC Sport website, this milestone is a really significant event in the life of SportFlashback.

Since then the innovation has undergone a lot of technological, artistic and aesthetic improvements. Remaining up to date the most popular way of 3D visualisation of association football, virtual replays have expanded to coverage of rugby, American football, ice hockey and other sports. They appeared on more that 50 websites and TV channels all around the world.

We have all reasons to congratulate ourselves and our devoted, long-standing and occasional customers on this remarkable achievement. And, of course, we would like to extend many thanks to our partners whose help and support cannot be overestimated.

Inside The Race

SportFlashback takes up a new sport – horseracing. France Galop, the governing body of flat and steeplechase racing in France, in order to popularise this equestrian sport amongst the youth, ordered a computer game “Inside The Race” presenting 3D animations of four most famous races in France - Grand Prix de Diane, Grand Steeple-chase de Paris, Prix du Jockey Club and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

It was quite a challenge to create a library of brand new models and animations and, in general, get to know a new sport. The technical solution was nontrivial too, and we pride ourselves on having developed a quality product that has been highly praised.

"In the morning I played with Marketing Director of France Galop and we loved it."

"Many influential managers of horse business have also been impressed by the animation."

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Introducing Basketball

We have always been passionate about covering as many sports as possible and reaching perfection in representing the beauty of the sport with the competent use of 3D graphics. One such temptation has been the game of basketball.

A high quality 3D animated video clip represents a stunning play in an NBA match and demonstrates the lengths of technical and artistic achievements we can go to.

Animation of this distinctive sport can be used as virtual replays or video for web resources, television or mobile devices, and can be enhanced with various graphical elements for analytic, educational and entertaining purposes.

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FIFA World Cup 2010

SportFlashback is happy to have carried on with the experience of the previous years when we produced more than 300 Virtual Replays from the World Cup 2006 and the European Cup 2008 that millions of football fans from all around the world could see on more than 30 sites.
In 2010 SportFlashback offered 3D interactive animated visualisation of all goals and the most spectacular events in all matches of the UEFA World Cup in South Africa.

For the World Cup 2010 SportFlashback provided special packages of visualisations:
  • 3D interactive Virtual Replays for web sites
  • 3D video clips for web sites and television
  • 3D video clips for mobile devices

Our 3D visualisation products appeared in the media of lots of our old and new customers in Brazil, Greece, Morocco, France, Portugal and many other countries.

Mobile Videos for FC Zenit

Together with the usual mobile content such as FC hymns and ringtones, images, quizzes and videos, supporters of Football Club Zenit in St. Petersburg, Russia are now able to download and enjoy Virtual Replays of all Zenit goals scored in the 2009 season on their mobile phones. In the 2010 and 2011 Russian Premier League seasons SportFlashback also produce Mobile Virual Replays of all Zenit goals on-line, so that the subscribers are able to download the 3D visualisation virtually shot from the aerial view 20 minutes after the goal was scored. After another 10 minutes time Zenit supporters can download a second video clip demonstrating the same goal from a "flying" camera, scorer's point of view, referee's point of view and from the right or left touchline. Thus, the full videos of Zenit goals are produced and become available for downloading while the spectators are still at the stadium. 3D Virtual Replays produced by SportFlashback are also published on the FC Zenit official website http://www.fc-zenit.ru/mobile/news/

NFL Videos for The Washington Post

Regarding the previous year's experience in production of analytical 3D animated videos of NFL matches for The New York Times as very successful and praising the work done by SportFlashback, another US media leader The Washington Post orders a series of clips specifying tactical plays of all Washington Redskins matches in the NFL season 2009-2010. Each clip demonstrates the distinctive features characteristic of Redskins starting from the Exhibition season, through the Regular season and to the Playoff tournament.

The clips illustrate the play from different angles with three virtual cameras:

  • General view of the play shown from a pseudo TV camera 

  • Aerial view flying camera showing the course of play from above 

  • Key players’ point of view

See the animations on the Washington Post website

Ice Hockey Federation World Championship 2009

SportFlashback produces Virtual Replays from the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship matches. SFB client Blick.ch ordered virtual replays of the goals and the best moments of all Swiss team matches in the Preliminary and Qualification rounds and the best matches of the final stages of the championship. The agreement for the production, installation of the application and publication of the virtual replays on the web site took only one week.

Ice hockey is a fairly new sport for Virtual Replays by SportFlashback. Coverage of the hockey best moments in 3D was introduced to the site visitors on the eve of the launch of the tournament and the first replays appeared in the site in the morning following the match day.

See more information about ice hockey in 3D on the Sports Ice Hockey page

and the Virtual Replays of the IIHF World Cup matches on Blick.ch website

Introducing Baseball

We are happy to introduce another popular sport that finds its representation in 3D. Using our technologies and a long-term experience in 3D visualisation we have come to tackle baseball.

Like any other sport it has its own characteristic features that make it unique as a sporting activity. It includes a great variety of possible player movements, a lot of unpredictable successions of events, a few actions taking place at different parts of the field at the same time etc. It all makes the task of 3D visualisation quite challenging and interesting.

Our team of creators have produced a demo version of 3D scenes reconstructing most common baseball plays. The scenes can be viewed from various cameras – home plate, pitcher’s mound, bases and top view that cover the whole of the baseball diamond. 3D visualisation of baseball can find its realisation on websites, television and as mobile content like any other of our products.

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NFL Videos For The New York Times

SportFlashback produced 16 animated video clips of certain plays of theNFL 2008 season matches ordered by the US leading newspaper The New York Times. Each clip demonstrates some distinctive features so characteristic of each of the 16 teams coming out to the National Football League playoffs.

The clips illustrate the play from different angles with three virtual cameras:

  • General view of the play shown from a pseudo TV camera
  • Aerial view flying camera showing the course of play from above
  • Key players’ point of view

The clips are used by The New York Times as a tool for explaining teams’ actions, tactical stratagems and feints with the use of extra graphics.

Therefore, these videos were created in accordance with the specifications of what exactly needs to be shown and our team then applied our creative talents not only to reconstruct the event but also to make it most realistic and attractive.

We are highly pleased to have received a very positive and enthusiastic response from the New York Times editorial office.